Iniz VPS Hosting – 2 Month Review

We have been using Iniz, previously known as StormVZ for the last 2 months and have nothing but positive comments to say about them! Price We have the VZ512 Plan with them. 3 Cores 40GB RAID Disk Space 512MB RAM 512MB vSwap 1000GB Bandwidth – 1Gbps £4.80/month (We used “WHT25″, this promo may be active to get 25% off for life) Features Nothing too fancy but everything one would need,... read more

Points On Creating Better SEO Campaigns

A lot of businesses have taken their trades to a new level by taking advantage of the Internet. Through digital marketing, they have put forward their products and/or services to a new and wide range of markets that stretches throughout the world — something that has never happened with conventional marketing. This technology-propelled method of advertising is a relatively new concept but it has already... read more

Webmaster Forum

A new webmaster forum has recently opened, be sure to check it out as it has the latest discussions on web related services and development. You may view the forum via or register at read more

What would you like to see?

We have been quite busy lately and inactive lately, we are proposing major changes to our website and a new design is under way by our management! We have also in the process of moving our servers to a new home on the cloud for flexibility, more info on our new provider will be available shortly after completion. Please do comment below on what you’d like to see, we will be bringing fresh content... read more

10 Of The Best Analytic’s Tools For Webmasters

Aside from the Google Analytics tool, a lot of people don’t really thing about analytics on their website. This is wrong as there are a lot of other great analytics programs out there that you should be using. We have rounded up a list of some of the best analytics programs that you might want to consider.   1. Google Analytics Ok, so let’s get this one out of the way to start. Google Analytics... read more

Link Building Techniques You Should Not Use

Link building is one of those things that is constantly evolving as Google and other search engines change their algorithms. This is usually because the amount of link manipulation that you see on the web we are sure that if you have your own website, you will have come across this when people with poor websites have ranked higher than you. These changes in algorithm are good but they usually mean that... read more

LiteTB – Free Direct Link File Hosting

We have opened yet another site, you can upload various file types and visitors can download instantly without waiting or registering! No timing what so ever, download straight away! Supported File Types: png,jpeg,jpg,gif,txt,zip,exe,rar,7z,pdf,scr,psd read more

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